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Your truly exceptional ICT support in Masvingo City and its environs starts with Calvland

Calvland Solutions is an ICT outsourcing company which offers services that are scalable to a company’s needs without the need to have ICT personnel in their employ. Our services gives small to medium sized the ability to compete with larger companies in product offering without worrying about system downtime, backup and security. Our services also give large companies the resources, security and strategic planning they need when it comes to ICT solutions.

Consulting Services

As Calvland IT Solutions we pride ourselves with Purified Ideas, Purified Technology and Purified Solutions.

Network Design, Installation and Support

You already have a network! , we can service, maintain and upgrade it, ensuring maximum security and reliability. We support various network operating systems including Linux and Windows based platforms.

Software designs

We provide best tailor made software developments and website design. Contact us for more information. Web-based Ecocash Payment Solutions, Web-designing, Point Sale Software etc. .


Our years of experience in collaboration helps our clients to merge voice, video and data to minimize costs of communication whilst achieving the best of both worlds in modern communication. Our tested and trusted brands in this range include Yealink, Cisco and Farsouth e.t.c

Network Security Support

We endeavour to provide you with the industry best security standards by evaluating your needs and find the most appropriate solution which will not break your budget. We partner with end point security solutions providers which include Kaspersky labs, Sophos and Sonicwall.

Virus protection and removal

Computer viruses has been with us for a long time and their damage is widening and far reaching with connectivity to the internet therefore it is crucial to take adequate preventative measures and to quickly remove viruses and repair damage. We provide regular antivirus updates checks and preventative measures

Networking Equipment

CISCO devices – routers, switches, HP Networking Equipment, Extreme networks equipment Ruckus wireless equipment, Far South Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Equipment

Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

We value your equipment, thats why we add in our range of services the fire detection and suppression in our product portfolio. Our fire systems are IP integrated for easily sending alerts on email, SMS and by alarm. We also incorporate different gases which are automatically dispensed to suppress fire in the event of a fire outbreak. These smart solutions ensure that your ICT Infrastructure and Equipment are not destroyed by fire and also reduces the cost of insuring the equipment.


Procurement of equipment remains a complicated task especially with different brands emerging daily on the market and the recognized brands faltering. Over the years, we have dealt with many products from a variety of vendors thus we assure best value for our client’s investments and that we handle warranty issues for you without any hustles. Whether you prefer to do your own procurement or prefer to have us do for you, we assist you to have the best equipment which meets your expectations.

Keep Up! Upgrade

In this technological race the one with the better skill and equipment will win. We will take all necessary steps to ensure you stay up to date, with processor, memory, hard drive and even main board upgrades. We will even advise you when it’s time to move on and get something else, all this done so that you can attend to your core business with pleasure and calm confidence. Even with the best equipment individuals fail to utilize them fully, this is due to lack of skills, we also provide customized training to upgrade the skill set of our customers and keep them abreast in changes of software and hardware technologies

Preventative Maintenance

We provide preventive maintenance service programs to address the needs of individuals and businesses. Basic equipment maintenance such as data backup, internal and external component cleaning, software updates, hardware upgrades, virus checks and repair, and various backup utilities that will insure that the system remains at optimum performance, thus maintaining production. Regular service can greatly reduce the risk of data loss or hardware failure. It pays to maintain what you already have and we are ready to enter into a preventative maintenance schedule with you.

Our Gurantee

All our designs and installations will give you a 99.9% uptime of the network, thus a guaranteed business continuity

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