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Calvland Solutions is an ICT outsourcing company which offers services that are scalable to a company’s needs without the need to have ICT personnel in their employ. Our services gives small to medium sized the ability to compete with larger companies in product offering without worrying about system downtime, backup and security. Our services also give large companies the resources, security and strategic planning they need when it comes to ICT solutions.

Our biggest strength is our team. We managed to combine the right mix of technical knowledge, industry understanding and creative capability; we are able to support organizations in planning and implementing ICT solutions for success. The business decisions, ROI and cost savings from our solutions are a reflection of tangible benefits we add.

We provide Full IT End to End Solutions, Services, Annual Maintenance and Support to assist entrepreneurs, business leaders and other clients who require our solutions to excel in enhancing the security, productivity and efficiency of their projects and businesses. Our services include Consultancy, Design and Installation of complete IT solutions, training, CCTV, IP based Fire detection and suppression systems and after sales support.

Our client base is not limited to a particular industry or size of an organization. We are prepared to solve the toughest business ICT challenges by empowering our clients with the right technology for their business success. We aim to develop a long term, healthy and mutually profitable relationship with our clients. Our consultation services will instil in the minds of our present and potential clients that we mean business of the highest quality everytime.

“As Calvland IT Solutions we pride ourselves with Purified Ideas, Purified Technology and Purified Solutions.

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